Just a little blog for posting things that I find interesting, beautiful, or funny. Just your typical Simblr, I guess! (Except for all the horses..Who put those there?!)
  • julies7821:


    most frequent wcifs ❤

    1. halloween cupcakes

    2. scout’s boots

    3. pumpkin’s shoes & stockings

    4. pumpkin’s hair


  • ritsuka-sims:

    Jensen Westbrook (created by Larefire and available on the gallery) is one fine sim, just… hnnnngh. I need to build a house for him ASAP.

  • harris-leah:

    Edelweiss V
    Where’s the rider?

  • shorelinesims:

    Working on my new facilities for Shoreline Hill Stables. The world has yet to be named or decorated, but will likely resemble Avila Valley. It also might just be for my own personal use bc idk how detailed/finished I want to make it.

  • simbot:

    Autumn cross-country in St. Claire

  • WIP for the Roaring Heights three day event hosted by the eventing society over at Equus Sims. :) Capriana and Marissa are riding for the cure!

  • stvincentmovie:

    Melissa McCarthy is up against a grouch with a heart of gold (Bill Murray) in St Vincent - Now playing in select theaters, everywhere 10/24! - Official Site and Facebook

  • Non Baby shower party for Jillian with Amanda and Malia ;)

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